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May 3, 2020 Research Support

The IMU Research Laboratory (RL) which occupies more than 26,000 square feet at its main campus in Bukit Jalil, houses a wide range of equipment for the conduct of biomedical research and analytical services. One major area in which IMU Research Laboratory offers a wide panel of analytical testing services involves the determination of the quality of water and other biological samples through the detection of both chemical and biological contaminants eg. ICP-MS is used to detect heavy metals and trace elements in environmental test samples. In addition, researchers can also access some of the equipment in the laboratory on an on-site rental basis eg. scanning electron microscope, flowcytometer, multiplex Luminex system, Fourier Transformed Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), and Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC).


Besides, there are various consultancies and services offered by IMU researchers such as the RNAi core facility, as well as pharmaceutical services which include pre-formulation studies, formulation development, quality control test of solid dosage forms, stability studies, active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) dissolution/release testing. In addition, the other services offered by the Institute for Research, Development, and Innovation (IRDI) are the ethical review services by IMU-Joint Ethics Committee, research collaboration and services between IMU and its research hub partner, SRAS Berhad, as well as training and statistical support services.

IMU researchers also provide advisory and consultative services in the design and planning of research in specialised areas, as well as undertake contract research. For any enquiries, please drop us an e-mail. However, you may also direct more specific enquiries to the respective e-mail contacts listed under each section below.

English Language Editing

English Language editing

Financial Support for Open Access Journal Publication

Financial Support for Open Access Journal Publication

We help researchers develop proposals, run projects and disseminate their findings.

Welcome to Research Support services. We are here to provide guidance, expert advice and hands-on support to help you achieve your research ambitions. Through working in partnership with you, your department and school, we provide support to help you in all aspects of research and research-related work, including securing research funding, working with research partners, undertaking knowledge exchange, engaging external stakeholders and demonstrating impact, ensuring good research practice and supporting the professional development of researchers.

The Institute for Research, Development and Innovation (IRDI) provides free courses to all IMU Early Career Researchers, Postgraduate Researchers and Undergraduates Students. These courses aim to help you develop a range of transferable skills.

Our training courses guide shows which courses are most relevant for you in terms of where you are in your programme of study. The courses vary in length and format, from one hour seminars to online courses that you can complete or use as an information resource in your own time.

All IMU faculty and staff engaging in research are encouraged to complete the relevant training courses prior to submitting an application for IMU-JC review and starting of their research activity

CITI Programme offers research ethics, compliance, and professional development education on a number of subjects for various audiences, including researchers, students and faculty, IRB members, and research administrators. The online courses are used worldwide by over 2,200 organizations and more than 1 million learners around the world annually.

The programme is offered as a series of courses. Upon completion of each course, you will receive a Completion Report and a Completion Certificate.

The courses offered under the CITI Programme includes:

CITI Training Course Audience
Responsible Conduct of Research Investigators planning to conduct research at IMU

Health Information Privacy and Security

Individuals who work with individually identifiable health
data (e.g. clinician, nurses, registrars and etc).
Conflicts of Interest  Investigators who receive funding from external sponsors,
including public funding, contract research and private
Human Subjects Research  Researchers who work with human subjects in a research
setting (e.g. clinical trials, biospecimen, survey, interview and

Good Clinical Practice

Researchers involved in clinical studies and clinical trials of drugs, biologics and devices.

Animal Care and Use  Investigators who work with animals in a research setting.

Healthcare Ethics Committee

Healthcare Ethics Committee members and health professionals.

Institutional Animal Care and Use  Animal Ethics Committee members.
Committee (IACUC) members  


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ENAGO Learn’s Academic Writing and Publication Certificate Program

Enago Learn’s Academic Writing and Publication certificate program will guide you through the publication process and help you achieve success in publishing in International Journals. We are offering the following 2 courses developed by top publication experts to all IMU academics and students.

  • Course 1: How to Submit a Journal Article and Get it Published (with 8 videos)
  • Course 2: How to Write an Effective Research Paper (with 6 videos)

To subscribe, kindly follow these guidelines


If you wish to schedule other research training workshops on site for your school, department or a class, please contact the IRDI Office (

We would like to highlight that the IMU Institute for Research, Development and Innovation (IRDI) in collaboration with ENAGO, a global leader in scientific and academic editing services, offers editorial and translation services to provide as much support to researchers as possible to enhance research publication and knowledge dissemination. The Institute recognises that professional editorial support can, in some cases, enhance the quality of manuscripts, such that, their research findings can be shared with broader research communities. ENAGO has a pool of editors who will be matched to a manuscript based on subject and journal expertise.

ENAGO will provide a substantive editing process which covers basic grammar/language checks alongside, review of the flow of the paper, adjustments to presentation, recommendations and enhancements to content and cover letter adjustments.

If you have a paper that you feel could benefit from editorial support, please feel free to take advantage of this service.

To find out more and request a quote, please visit the ENAGO portal for IMU authors below. Researchers would be responsible for this cost.

The publication of faculty scholarship in academically respected open or fee-based journals is among the most important and valuable contributions of a university. In some cases, following a rigorous peer review that recommends publication, funding is required to meet the total costs of publication. In other cases, open access publishing – which refers to free and unrestricted online access to scholarly publications – also requires subvention funding for processing charges. Open access increases the visibility, readership, and impact of an author’s works, democratizing access across all institutions, regardless of size or budget. Open access publications are free for all readers, but publishing is not free. A variety of open access payment models exist, and sometimes the costs are the responsibility of the author or their associated institution.

To the extent possible, individual faculty are expected to fund publication costs via external grants. However, the University recognizes that such funding may not be available or sufficient in all cases, particularly for disciplines that have limited access to external support. Consequently, the IMU Institute for Research, Development and Innovation (IRDI) will provide financial support to help ensure that all peer-reviewed scholarly work produced at IMU and IRDI are openly available immediately upon publication.

IMU’s Financial Support for Open Access Journal Publication provides funds to make it easier for IMU authors to publish in open access (OA) journals when no alternative funding is available. IMU joins other universities in the world in offering its authors a fund to assist with publication charges for OA journals. Please see our funding guidelines below.


  1. The paper has been accepted for publication. The paper can be an original research article, systematic review, meta-analysis or review article. The Fund will not support publication of commentary or letter to editor.
  2. The journal in which the paper to be published must be ranked at Q1 or Q2 in the Scopus citation database (
  3. The corresponding author must be affiliated to IMU and/or IRDI in the article.
  4. The financial support covers only fees associated with publishing and does not cover additional charges beyond the basic article processing charges (APC). The financial support will not cover charges such as proofreading, editing, translation, excess page charges, or reprints.
  5. The financial support is distributed on a first come first served principle. If the year’s allocated funds for publishing run out before the end of the year, support ceases until new funds are available.

Note: The financial support is intended as a last resort to support reasonable article processing fees (APC) when funds from any other external source are unavailable.

How to apply?

To request funds, faculty authors should fill and submit the following documents to the Research Management Centre (RMC):

  1. The final proof of the accepted manuscript provided by the publisher.
  2. The invoice from the publisher.
  3. The IMU Payment Request Form (IMU-FORM-FIN-03)

If the request fulfilled all requirements and is approved, the payment will be made directly from IMU to the publisher.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Research Management Centre ( or Professor Wong Shew Fung ( if you need any assistance or enquiry.

Kindly refer to the enclosed MC approved for Guideline for the eligibility, application process, selection criteria, approval and process of payment