Abhishek, Parolia

    BDS, MDS

    Endodontics, Cariology, Natural Products and Endodontic Microbiology

    Afshan, Sumera

    M.Phil, D.T.C.D, M.B.B.S

    Thalassemias, Stem Cells, Leukemias

    Stephen Periathamby, Ambu

    PhD, MSc, BSc
    Head, Centre for Environmental and Population Health

    Parasitology, Environmental Health, Small mammal ecology and Poisonous animals (snakes)

    Li Li, Chan

    BSc, MSc, PhD Medical Parasitology, Medical Microbiology

    Medical Parasitology, Medical Microbiology

    Chandrashekhar T, Sreeramareddy

    MSc International Health, Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Public Health, MD Community Medicine, MBBS

    Global Public Health, Tobacco Control

    Sui Kiat, Chang

    PhD., B.S. (Hons.)

    Health, nutrition and food, Nutraceuticals and functional foods, Bioactive food components and ingredients, Nutritive qualities of food that advance and impact our understanding of health

    Kok Whye, Cheong

    PhD, MSc, BSc

    Peptide-based cancer therapeutics, Nanodelivery systems for drugs, Structural studies of protein molecules

    Chun Wie, Chong

    PhD, BSc
    Head, Centre for Translational Research

    Environmental Microbiology, Microbial Ecology, Human and animal microbiome, Infectious Diseases