Research Management Centre

November 15, 2023 Research Management Centre


Research Administration Research Grant Management
  • Management of Research and Ethics Application – IMU-JC
  • Develop and review research policies
  • Execute IMU Research Plan
  • Operate budget plan and requisition
  • Liaison with granting agencies
  • Support regulatory compliance (NPRA)
  • Record keeping
  • Milestone reporting
  • Financial administration of payments
  • Support administration of CoE
  • Manage internal & external research funds
  • Monitor research fund remittance and expenditure
  • Identification of funding opportunities
  • Identification of collaborative opportunities from international and private research grant sources amongst IMU researchers
  • Provide administrative and technical support to new project or grant application
Research Compliance, Reporting and Analytic Training and Knowledge Dissemination
  • Establishment and maintenance of research funding data and contracts
  • Analysis of performance data
  • Provide data to enable data-driven decision making
  • Prepare reports for various rating exercises, e.g. MyRA, SETARA & QS
  • Prepare BOD and BOG reports
  • Prepare documents for MQA accreditation
  • Support IMU Digital Transformation Initiatives
  • Training programs for research ethics, grant writing, project management, publication, and IP management
  • Administration of the online CITI Training Program for IMU-JC member, staff and students
  • Organise conferences and Translational Research Seminars
  • Publish annual report on research highlights and performance