IMU Joint Committee on Research and Ethics (IMU-JC)

IMU-JC serves as the Institutional Review Board, accredited by the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Bureau since 2002, to evaluate clinical trials conducted not only by researchers from IMU but also external parties. In discharging its duties, the IMU-JC is guided by the codes of good practice as set in the guidelines for "Good Clinical Practice" (GCP), "Good Laboratory Practice" (GLP) and "International Guiding Principles for Animal Research".

Functions of Joint-Committee on Research and Ethics (IMU-JC)

Administrative entity responsible for overseeing the integrity of research processes of the university.

Evaluates all proposals rigorously to ensure that they are scientifically sound and compliant with the International Conference of Harmonisation /Good Clinical Practice Guidelines (ICH-GCP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and International Guiding Principles for Animal Research.

Obtain accreditation from the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB), Ministry of Health Malaysia to serve as one of the national Institutional Review Boards (IRB) for clinical trials.

Authority of the IMU Joint Committee on Research and Ethics (IMU-JC)

  1. To evaluate proposals on all types of research, including biomedical and clinical research.
  2. To approve, disapprove or modify the proposed studies.
  3. To endorse progress reports from the investigators.
  4. To suspend or terminate approved studies.
  5. To place restrictions on a study.



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