Research Facilities

November 14, 2023 Research Facilities

The IMU research laboratories were established to support research activities of IMU with a floor space of 26,000 square feet. The laboratories were equipped with animal tissue culture, microbiological, molecular biology, cell-based assays, purification systems and synthetic chemistry facilities. There is also an animal holding facility with state-of-the-art caging and maintenance system for experimental animals. An Environmental Health Laboratory equipped with an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrophotometry (ICP-MS) machine was set up for the testing of toxicants such as heavy metals in environmental, water and food samples and has been accredited by the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005. The facilities not only support both undergraduate and postgraduate research but also provide services to the industry, as part of the commercialisation activities.

General Laboratory for Researchers

Research Laboratory support research activities by providing bench spaces to each research projects that has been approved by the IMU-JC. The duration of in-lab shared bench and sink space are renewable, subject to IMU-JC approval.

Analytical Research Laboratory

This laboratory specialises in characterizing the chemical and isotopic compositions of materials, including the ability to provide direct micron-scale analysis of environmental, cosmetics, herbal and food samples.

Microscopy and Imaging Facility

The facility provides powerful resources for imaging model organisms, tissue, cells, biomaterials, and artificial structures and houses state-of-the-art equipment including Digital slide scanning system, almost every light microscopy imaging modality, bench top electron microscopy and inverted microscopy imaging system are presently available.

Animal Holding Facility

The facility is responsible for the care of animals used in research. It house 2 units of individually ventilated cages for rodents, holding areas for open cages, animal transfer system and biosafety cabinet.

Snythetic Chemistry Laboratories

This facility supports research in natural product chemistry, and other research chemistry towards organic synthesis. The lab also supports synthesize compounds of interest to the pharmaceutical industry, natural products and functional organic materials utilizing developed methods.

Cell Culture Facility

This facility supports research by providing space, equipment, and cell cultures (mammalian). The facility provides cultures for researchers to bring to their labs for experiments, biosafety cabinet, incubators, centrifuges, refrigerators/freezers, and microscopes.

Flow Cytometry

This shared laboratory provides researchers at with access to state-of-the-art flow cytometry analyzers including a Luminex multiplexing instrument, an imaging flow cytometer and flow cytometry cell sorters.

Cell Repository

The IRDI Cell Repository facility is a biomaterial bank specialized in the generation and cryopreservation of proliferative cell cultures. The facility provides cheaper and easier access of quality-controlled and validated cell lines to IMU research communities and promote cell-based application.

Central Stock Room

The mission of Research Lab Central Stockroom is to provide a ready supply of commonly used chemicals and research supplies throughout IMU research communities. Numerous items from glassware and examination gloves to common chemicals are stocked on-site to allow for convenient on-site procurement. Significant cost savings are passed on to stockroom customers as the result of volume purchase prices and eliminated shipping fees from Stockrooms vendors.