Training and Statistical Support Unit

The goal of the Training and Statistical Support unit is to help the IMU campus community to conduct well-designed research projects with a strong focus on statistical data analysis in relation to grant proposal and publication as well as research dissertation. We are a group of researchers with different scientific backgrounds. We provide a free statistical consulting service to research faculty, staff, post-graduate students, and undergraduate students at any stage of your research. However, we encourage you to come to our service at the early stage of your research so that the consultation can be useful at the study design stage.

What kind of assistance do we provide?

  1. We will advise you on the various statistical data analyses that can be performed on your data. We will outline the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed analyses, but it is up to you or your supervisory committees (if you are post-graduate students) to decide on which is the appropriate statistical data analysis for your research.
  2. We will suggest strategies and provide resources for your statistical data analyses but we will not write the statistical programs or perform the statistical data analyses for you.
  3. We will provide learning resources of SPSS, SAS, R, and Stata for you to perform your own analysis.

To schedule a consultation, please email us to inquire the consulting service of your project:

  • Send email to: Dr Elaine Chan Wan Ling ( [email protected])
  • Please put Statistical consultation in your subject line
  • If possible, please provide a short description of your project and problem

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